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Wine & Celebration—The Faces of Vinexpo

June 27, 2017

This post includes little writing.

If you want to read about Vinexpo, check out my Forbes pieces about the event—Women In Wine Embracing The Offbeat, or read about an unusually attractive garden dinner setting to launch Uruguay’s icon wine.

First, some photos from Vinexpo – with descriptions of colorful characters.

Then, some photos from that Uruguayan dinner mentioned above.

Mother daughter team—Lisa (left) and Roberta Borghese from Ronchi di Manzano winery in Friuli, Italy.


Rachel Hubert—biodynamic winemaker from Blaye/Bourg, as well as affable neighbor.


Phillip and Andre Zull of Zull Wines from Austria—delicious and affordable Grüner Veltliner!


Menymeny provided a tasting of Chinese Ningxia wines—with a truly rich and intriguing dark fruit taste.


Daniel Brunier of renowned Vieux Télégraphe, Châteauneuf-de-Pape, Rhone Valley


Winemaker Valentina Buoso of Pascal Jolivet…beautiful Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.


Once again, Aurore Monot-Devillard pours beautiful Burgundies from the family owned Le Domaine du Château de Chamirey.


Silvana Bento (left) and Penauille Anaïck serve Portuguese wines, including whites made from the Antão Vaz grape. No, I’d never heard of it before either. Sort of like Pinot Gris.


Pauline Guiset (left) and Emilie Flchr and rivers of bubbly from Collet.


Monsieur Ferran of Château Ferran serves his white Pessac Leognan from Bordeaux at lunch. Tres Bien!


Marjorie Amphoux Bertin convinces her audience of the value of Languedoc Roussillon wines.


Pauline Dufour of Château Simon demonstrates that Graves whites can be very affordable.


An emissary for Shtoff insists that it’s never too early to sip.


Natalia Pinho of Tsallin Wines from Switzerland—she showed me photos of a ‘helicopter harvest’ on steep slopes. Ah, those Swiss!


Ms. Haruka Takeuchi introduced many of us to spellbinding sake.


Now, a few photos from the dinner at Château de Lantic, prepared by renowned Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann. We sampled the new icon wine Balasto from Bodegas Garzón. Wonderful.

A sample of Uruguayan/Argentinian/Italian hospitality…



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